Sunday, 16 June 2013


When I charity shop, I charity shop.

I often see things that take my fancy, but have to be very strict as 1. I am not made of money and 2. I already have enough 'junk' (as some members of my family like to phrase it)

Can't say no to a bit of window shopping though:

In PDSA they had a whole shelf of film cameras and lenses. My sister collects old cameras, so I msged her this pic pronto.

This one was my favourite - such an interesting shape!

I love the simplicity of vintage packaging like this.

I then moved on to Dorothy House where these pretty storage jars in the window caught my eye. I could imagine them looking nice in a country kitchen.

There were three of these vintage mens shaving sets on a shelf. They were so shiny; the inner-magpie in me got very excited.

I love glassware! Especially coloured glass. This dressing table set was very tempting at £5.

I then went to another Dorothy House (there are three in my city) and saw this gorgeous little handbag. I have enough bags as it is, but the embossed leather and embroidery was very pretty.

Gorgeous embellished vintage bag.

I (tried) to try these gloves on but they were so so small it was unreal. Ladies in the old days had tiny hands.

On Saturdays my local market is also on, which is another big incentive to go to town.

A charming old wooden tool box. It has probably been established by now that I am rather partial to drawers.

Glass cases of tiny trinkets.

One seller always has lots of old hardware - his stall is probably my fave.

More cameras (and considerably more expensive than the ones in PDSA!)

Vintage beaded clutch bags - the most mouth-watering objects of the day. I didn't even look at the price tags!

I guiltily confess that I did make one purchase back at Dorothy House...

£6 for this bold St. Michael's shirt. How could I resist?

Love love love the necktie.

WHAT a funky print. I adore this shirt and put it on as soon as I got home.

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