Monday, 24 June 2013

Lovely Things: Book Storage

As impressed as I am by the technology of the Kindle, you can't beat a hard copy of a good book. And good books deserve great storage, am I right?

This symmetrical structure is so simple but has such a high impact! Not to mention a lot of room for a many-a-book.

The piano is my favourite instrument and I'm big on recycling, so as you can probably imagine this idea caught my eye immediately! Very clever.

As a rule books are displayed vertically, so this horizontal display is a really interesting alternative. The colour of the shelves are gorgeous too, reminds me of Farrow and Ball's 'Arsenic'.

This one kind of makes me feel dizzy when I look at it, but I appreciate the original design.

Upcycling a wooden reel ike this is genius!

One of those grand designs you know you'll never have but you gawp at anyway.

I love love love built in storage in alcoves - it looks so tidy and provides extra space without essentially using up any room.

You know that book storage is quality when there's a sliding ladder involved.

Colour coding never gets old!

Invisible shelving is definitely aesthetically appealing with books.

Arches are so lovely! Just makes me think of how many different things I could have made my DIY fireplace surround wardrobe into.

Repurposing objects always makes me smile. Can I call a clamp cute? Because I think it's cute.

Book storage in a staircase? That's too cool.

A straighforward design, but love the rustic feel.

Some crazy repurposing to conclude this entry. 10/10!

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  1. These are awesome, I just got a bookcase recently from my Grandma. I cleaned it up, sorted it out as some was a bit broken, polished it and varnished it. Now it works great for all my cooking books, gaming books and DVD's.