Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wardrobe: Crazy for Coral

Suppp all! I'm afraid it's a late one today as I've been rather busy organising some messy sheds (yep, I still haven't finished yet).

The sun has finally returned to our part of the world, so this evening I went for something light, airy and full of colour:

I recently found some coral sandals to match my cardi, so chuffed!

Delicate chain detailing on cashmere.

Oh-so-shiny sandals. Love dem buckles.

Tan leather belt.


From: Past job
Brand: Fenn Wright Manson
Price: £0.00 (free clothing allowance!)


From: Julian House charity shop
Brand: Miso
Price: £8.00


From: My sister (I borrowed it!)
Brand: Joules
Price: £0.00


From: Dorothy House charity shop
Brand: Clarks
Price: £5.00


From: eBay
Brand: Unbranded
Price: £10

Second Hand/New: 2/5

Total Cost of Outfit:


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