Monday, 17 June 2013

Lovely Things: Luscious Lampshades

Do you have a lampshade casting a shadow (quite literally) over an otherwise pleasant space?

We have several in my home which are dated and have seen better days. The great news is that there are many easy, creative ways to spruce up your current shade or start from stratch. Here are some pinteresting DIY solutions:

This innovative crochet shade is easier to makes than it looks! Check out the how to.

Apparently this colourful shade is from by Urban Outfitters, but it'd be pretty simple to create one with a similar impact from scrap wood.

I love how personal this design is - turn on the light and relive happy memories!

Using an old wire basket to create a unique shade. I like that you can see the bulb through it - the effect is very industrial.

I seriously never imagined that veneer could look so attractive. I have been proven wrong! You could achieve this look with just about anything in strips.

Fabric strips tied to an old metal frame - simple to make, big impact.

Have some mixing bowls to spare? Get on it!

This idea made me chuckle. The things people come up with!

It's amazing what a bit of twine can do to a plain old shade.

A hilarious solution to round this up. Just don't use them at the same time, okay?

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