Monday, 10 June 2013

Lovely Things: Noticeboards

I find it's good to start every Monday with a spark of inspiration! Today I've been looking at noticeboards/pinboards, as the one in our kitchen is too small and not very practical in design. I'm hoping to make us a new one this summer! Here are some of my faves from Pinterest:

A simple yet pretty solution using fabric, string and a frame. I adore the chevron patterned fabric (maybe you can tell from my blog background?)

I'm all for recycling, so love the idea of using a window shutter. It's very statement in that bold green.

This particularly appeals to me as we have an old washboard like this in the shed. Very original idea!

I'm quite a fan of traditional old cork really. I especially love the storage at the bottom of this one!

Blackboards are also a nice element for a memo board. Loving the natural wood look and the cute hardware.

Put it on a cupboard and you get a two-in-one! Genius.

A simple board combined with an elaborate frame makes for a perfect pairing.

A clever use of chicken wire and pegs as an alternative board.

I get the sense that this design is very personal to its creator. Extra-organised too!

Simple but so practical, plus I love the rustic look.

Simple cork in a funky shape. Makes all the difference!

Once again an opportunity to recycle, and so simple to do as well.

It's amazing what geometrics and a lick of paint can achieve!

Another recycling opportunity using an old window frame. I love the patchwork effect this has.

Another basic frame and cork combo, but the room is so gorgeous I felt compelled to share it!

This minimalistic design only uses string, how clever!

Another pretty recycled shutter. It seems that green is a good colour for them!

A final fave is this coat rack and pinboard all-in-one. Definitely a good option if you have a big open hall space. 

So how do you keep your notes and memos in check? I'd love to hear, hit me up in the comments box!

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