Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wardrobe: Teal 'Fo Real

I'm rather excited to blog about my outfit choice today, as a new coat arrived in the post from eBay - just in time! Buying clothes from eBay is always a gamble as you can't try them on beforehand, but most of the time I'm not disappointed. This purchase was no exception:

I won this vintage piece for thrupence, which is proof that searching for winter clothes in summer is a winner (not for the seller, but y'know)

Black velvet collar and delicate lace detailing on the dress.

Velvet covered buttons.

Dainty floral print.


From: eBay
Brand: Le Chateau (vintage)
Price: £13.49


From: Urban Outfitters
Brand: Johann for Urban
Price: £14.00 (sale)

Shoes (scuffed with love):

From: Banardos charity shop
Brand: Unknown (vintage)
Price: £4.00


From: Mercy in Action charity shop
Brand: Dents (vintage)
Price: £4.00

Second Hand/New: 3/4

Total Cost of Outfit:


As much as I love my new coat, I'm hoping I won't need to wear it much until at least September (pleasepleaseplease be hot, summer!)

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